Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Get Smart's Cone of Silence

Ok, first let me start by saying I firmly believe in freedom of religion.  Everyone is entitled to believe in a higher power, whatever it is they chose that to be.  Fine. No beef with me there.

I also firmly believe in the constitutional right of freedom of speech.  Everyone is allowed to say whatever it is they want to say. They can spout all the bullshit they want to, no skin off my back.  I may not agree with them, but damn it I’ll defend their right to say it.

That having been said, neither of those two rights gives anyone the right to rape my ears with their Leave-it-to-Beaver sermonizing and preaching.  No one has the right to assault my ears with their Candyland version of how life should be.

We do not live in Leave-it-to-Beaver-ville, nor do we live in Candyland.  Life is as it is, not as it should be.  That means not all things are nice and neat and pretty and clean. Not everyone plays by the rules, and we don’t all get to start on an even playing field.  Just look at the Kennedy’s.  

I hate when people with holier-than-thou attitudes towards life start preaching about how morally bankrupt society is and how ‘absolutely Nobody has any real morals anymore’ and God will come down and smite us all with his mighty sword for living such sinful immoral lives.

Need I remind you people, that Jesus himself said “Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.”?  You’re throwing an awful lot of rocks around over there lady. Better watch it, God might start batting some of them back at you.

I have an upset stomach because my ears were assaulted today by unwanted, unsolicited preaching.  It was so far off the deep end, I could not sit there and let my cubicle neighbor continue to pass judgment on everyone in the world. I resent being lumped in with “Everyone” and “Nobody”.  Leave me the ef-ing out of your sermons, thank you very much.  It pissed me off so much that I wanted to rip her a new one, or totally go off on her.  While doing that would have been justified and totally satisfying it would have also left me unemployed and broke. The two just don’t offset each other.  It’s hard to feed my kids on my satisfaction and justification.  So, I popped a Dr. prescribed ‘happy pill’ hoping that it would somehow work like Imodium for her mouth.  You know, it doesn’t matter how many of those little blue and green pills I take, she still just keeps flapping her jaws and shit just keeps pouring out of her mouth.

Those magic little pills that kept her alive and kept me employed today, have managed to upset my stomach.  I guess that’s better than sitting in a jail cell for murder, no matter how much I believe it was justified, I’m not entirely sure I could convince a judge of the same.  (A jury of my peers, not a problem).

I’m thinking maybe I should take some lessons from my sister, who is finding peace through being Zen.  At least then you just don’t let other people’s lives negatively effect your life.  You let them live their lives, you live yours.  I’m thinking I’d like to be altered somehow, but I’m not sure Zen is enough to shut this unwanted assault out.  Maybe a brick wall between our desks would be good.  Or even Maxwell Smart’s cone of silence.

99 Where are you when I need you?

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