Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Yet another reason, in a long list of many, to hate my ex

Why the hell did he even have the kids if he never wanted them?

He makes it abundantly clear that they totally and continually inconvenience his life.  God I hate him.  Yet another reason I divorced him.  Add that to the ever growing list of reasons why I left and why I hate him.

What the hell does he have going on in his life that is so much more important than his children?  Oh, yeah, I know, his whole fucking entire life is way more important to him than his children.  They just get in his way, slow him down, prevent him from having fun and take his money.  Hell, they aren’t even good for tax deductions (to him).

God could I possibly hate him any more? I’m sure I could, but it would be completely and totally redundant and a waste of time.  After all hating him would just bring negative energy into my life and wouldn’t hurt or affect him at all.  

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