Friday, April 28, 2006

Summer's coming, Hold on to your hat.

Well, once again I was right.  I felt a shift, but I chose to ride the ebb and flow out and see where the tide took us before I started to panic. In the past things have always seemed to work out for us, and this time was no different.

Wednesday/Thursday Boo spent a grand total of 28 straight hours here at work, dealing with a broken water main and the subsequent flood that resulted from it.  With that kind of drama and mess, there is little to no time for socializing.  I knew he was busy, so I didn’t worry about us, (I worried about him though, what he was dealing with was not pretty or nice).

Last night we started talking about summer plans, who’s coming to visit, when, what are we going to do this summer, what trips is he taking and of course the subject of races came up.  Today, we decided on 3 more races we’d like to go to this year.  The first one being the 3M Performance 400 on June 18th, the second race being the Allstate 400 at the Brickyard, on August 6th, the third is the Banquet 400 on October 1st.  Of course, none of them are nearly as big as the Daytona 500, but The Brickyard comes close.  The Brickyard is a historical racetrack and it would be beyond awesome to see a race there.  So, that’s the plan right now, work on getting tickets to those 3 races.

Plus, there are the baseball games we want to go to this summer.  With 81 home games, we won’t have any trouble getting tickets to any home game we chose to go to.  And we can take a day and go, not have to plan a whole weekend roadtrip.  That makes it much easier.

But with all these trips planned for us, we still have to schedule around his work trips, and his family and friends coming in for a visit.  N and J will be here a couple of times this summer, Boo is thinking of going home to LA for Memorial Day. His brother is bringing Mama up from VA soon.  Summer is going to be a very busy, busy time.  I don’t care how busy it gets, as long as we’re in it together.

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