Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Welcome, Louisiana

I have a web counter on my website, that tracks the number of visitors I have each day, and the general area of the world where their ISP is located.  I have no way of knowing exactly who each visitor is, but it’s fairly easy for me to guess some of them.  I know the ISP in Kansas is my cousin’s wife, whom I count as a dear friend, and I’m glad to see she visits often.  There is also the ISP in Ireland, and I’m guessing, assuming that that is my sister’s friend whose blog I visit on a regular basis.  

Then there is the regular visitor from Louisiana.  Great!  Someone I don’t know, and have never met is reading my blog on a regular basis. I have a fan!  And I’m totally cool with that. (Please don’t let this post scare you away).  What I find kind of humorous is that Boo is from Louisiana, and still has family and friends who live there.  

Now I believe it’s a vast and large world, but I also know that world can get incredibly small in the blink of an eye.  Take this as proof of that.  So, while I don’t believe for much more than a second that my ‘fan’ knows Boo, I don’t completely rule out the possibility.

The odds of that being true though are like a gazillion to one, at best.  I mean, how many possible blogs are there, just on Blogger alone?  Then there are hundreds of other blog-hosting websites out there, for example, Typepad, or MSN Spaces.  So the odds of someone who knows Boo randomly finding me are, like I said, a gazillion to one.  Besides, there is nothing terribly identifying on my blog, aside from pictures.  I keep things as general as I can, I don’t use anyone’s real name, ever, and try to avoid using specific locations when I can.  Anyone looking for Boo’s real name would never come across my blog, and they would have no way of knowing that I call him Boo, or Hondo.

Still….it is possible.  Almost anything is possible.

Having said all of that, I am totally jazzed to have a fan in Louisiana. Hell, I’m jazzed to know someone besides family is reading the blatherings I post here on a daily basis.  Knowing someone out there is actively interested in my blog makes me want to take great care and actually write something meaningful instead of just a boring diary of my boring so called life.

I would like to extend the invitation to my reader in Louisiana to please introduce his/herself.  If you would rather maintain your anonymity, I completely understand. But please feel welcome to continue to visit.  I’m glad you’re here.

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Melissa Mullinax said...

Hey girl!! Waving at ya from Kansas!! What is my ISP showing up as??