Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Horoscopes and Knuckleheads

Are you fully aware of how lucky you are? There are some amazing people in your life who have been guiding forces and inspirations on your path. In fact, some of the most difficult ones have taught you the most.

There is the horoscope for today.  I sometimes forget how lucky I am and have been.  I do have some pretty amazing people in my life who have done some pretty amazing things for me in the past couple of years.

The most amazing person is my #1 Knucklehead.  This is the one with tons of issues, a lot on his plate, drama of his own and lots of things to ponder, consider and deal with.  Out of respect for him and his life, I have given him some space.  Apparently it was more than he wanted, because he just called to say he missed me and wants to see me, just to hang out, visit, bullshit and catch up.  All the things I love to do with him.  As I’ve said before, some things will change, some things never will.

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