Thursday, January 19, 2006

Wait it out...

I guess it really doesn’t matter.  This is another case of needing to let go of my over-thinking mind.

The Ex just sent me a text message that he’s moved his girlfriend in. This is the same girl who has, in the past, yelled at my daughters and told them that they don’t matter. She has told them that their feelings are unimportant. She has also told them that her daughters are more important than they are (she said this to them in their father’s house!  EXCUSE ME?!)  And when he was told about it, he of course, took the girlfriend’s side in the matter, all but calling our daughters liars.

So, I have made it very clear to her and to him that she is NOT their mother and when it comes to my girls, she will have ABSOLUTELY NO SAY in any decision that involves them.  As far as I am concerned, and as far as they are concerned, she is nobody.

Now, just let it all go.  No point in working up a full head of steam about this.  He’s not going to move her out (he doesn’t have the balls) but I know if I wait long enough and give them both enough rope, they will hang themselves.

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