Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Moldy Apartment

Some of these pictures are not for the weak of stomach.

This is the floor in my bedroom. My dresser and TV stand stood in this corner. You can see the mold on the walls and all over the carpet. It had started growing on the TV stand and was so bad I had to throw it away.

This is the ceiling in my bathroom above my shower. This picture just shows the worst of the mold and decay, but does not do justice to the total damaged area. There are plastic sheets nailed to the walls to funnel the dripping water so that it would drip into the tub and avoid a mess every time the neighbors took a shower.

This is the ceiling and wall in my bedroom just on the other side of the shower. You can see that the water was leaking down this shared wall and the mold was starting to travel across my ceiling.

As we moved out we found mold on the backs of pictures we had hanging on walls, mold on shoes in closets, mold on clothes hanging in closets, mold on walls behind dressers and beds, mold on the dressers and the bedframes themselves. Everything had to be washed down with bleach water so that the mold would not spread and continue to grow in the new apartment.

What a nightmare.

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