Friday, January 20, 2006

I gotta do something

Ok, it’s time to buckle down and get my ass in gear and do something.  I’ve got exactly 1 month to lose a few pounds and get my hips/thighs/and ass in some sort of shape resembling hips thighs and ass, instead of the pigs wrestling in a sack that they look like right now.

A few months ago, some kids in the neighborhood came by selling subscriptions to magazines.  So, sucker that I am, bought a 2-year subscription to Shape. (Hell of a price, actually)  Guess what?  Now, every month, delivered right to my mailbox, is a huge guilt trip.  Who knew you could get guilt delivered to your door?

It’s not that I don’t read the magazines.  Hell, I read them, almost cover to cover, devouring them.  The problem is, my body won’t shape up, and the weight won’t come off just because I read a magazine.  I’ve got to actually find the time/energy/motivation to get up and do the things in that magazine.

I know I need to make better choices about what I eat.  I know I would do good to eliminate soda, sugar, pasta, bread, and start loading up on the veggies and the fruits.  But when faced with lettuce or fried shrimp, I’m going for the seafood.  When faced with fruits and veggies or bacon cheeseburgers, bacon wins hands down.  Strawberries are good… they are even better covered with sugar and Cool Whip™.  

I like to pretend that if I had a treadmill or something similar, I could exercise on that at night while I watch my shows.  I know that the reality of the situation would be, it would be in the way, it would seldom get used. I would have to constantly yell at the kids to get off of it, and there would be stuff hanging from it and piled on top of it.  

So,  I am hoping, that by posting this here, I will be motivated to be true to my word and live up to not only my expectations, but those of my 1 or 2 readers.  I am going to try really hard to work out, to watch what I eat, and to make better choices, to get up off my ass and get in shape by next month.  (Yes, I have a specific goal, and a specific reason, a really awesome reason, but right now, it’s a secret.)  

Right after I have fried shrimp and a baked potato for lunch.

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