Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Love and Light of my life

Meet Stealth. This little angel is my nephew. He is a blessing and a miracle. There were times we weren't sure we would ever get to meet this monkey-butt. When I think about missing out on his smiles, his laughter, his stories, I thank God that he's here. And I know, deep in my very soul that he was meant to be here. This child's life has a purpose, one I'm sure he knows nothing of.

The last 3 years of my life ( the whole of Stealth's) have not always been easy and not often happy, but I have survived. This little guy possess magic he knows nothing of, but he can and does heal my heart. He teaches me about unconditional, boundless, overpowering love. I couldn't love him more if I had given birth to him myself.

I have no doubt (and neither does his mother) that this child will do great things in his lifetime. He will touch lives and leave them changed. He will heal people, he will lead people, he will love people. He will bring joy, laughter, and love everywhere he goes. This child is a blessing and a miracle and I love him. I know we are blessed to have Stealth in our lives.

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