Wednesday, March 7, 2007

A crumb of nothingness

I have nothing today. I guess I spewed it all yesterday and exhausted my stores of worthless information and meaningless drivel. Today, I am bone dry. I have nothing to blog about, nothing inspires me, nothing screams at me "Share me! Tell 'em about me!"

There was a lot of fun on Yahoo today, but I can't/won't share it. TMI really, and it's not reader friendly.

OOHHH I do have this to share.

Remember this picture? The week we got back from Daytona I got the canvas print back, and I love it. It is, to date, the biggest print of any of my pictures. Anyway, never mind what it does to me to see it... tonight we give it to Dad Batman. (who is home from the hospital. But I'm not sure I can say with any confidence that he's doing better) I am really excited to see his reaction to the print, and there will be a bit of pride in my heart when I see it hanging in the house in the future.

Yeah, that's all for now. Sorry

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Dixie said...

On days when I got nothing, that is when I do those blogthing quizes!