Monday, March 5, 2007

The Invitations to our Red Neck Blog Party

Ok, it's just an idea right now, but apparently there is some interest in a red neck blog party. (Who knew?) IF and that's a BIG IF we decide to do this, we will let you all know....

Race Mom (who is one of the coolest mom's I met at the Ultimate Blog party... Yeah, her family races-zoom zoom- and she lives close by!) sent me this little quiz to see just how red neck I am. I'm not sure I'm red neck enough to host this party.

You Are 25% Redneck

The wheels still turning, but the hamster's dead.
You're just fakin' bein' a redneck.

Here's the quiz, and my answers:

Do you have a broken fridge or washer on your porch? No, I do not have either on my front porch, nor have I ever.

Do you park cars in your lawn? We did this more than once, when I was married to the Slug, and we had a party, but on a regular basis? Nope

Do you decorate your house with free beer or cigarette merchandise? I don’t decorate my house with free beer or cigarette merchandise, but I’m sure some of my wardrobe was provided by Anheiser Busch. I do have more than a few Die Cast NASCAR cars sitting in my living room

Have any relatives that are two things at once (like a sister in law and an aunt?) Uh, does it count that Batman is actually The Slug’s 3rd cousin and therefore he’s related to my daughters?

Is your idea of a fancy dinner Red Lobster? Not mine, but when I was married to The Slug his idea of a fancy dinner was eating Cap’n D’s inside (not getting drive thru)

Have you ever been in a burping contest before? Uh, yeah, My brother and I sat on either side of our mother on our way back home from Florida and decided to have a contest, with her as the judge.

Do you consider any town with a Super Wal-Hell to be “the City”? Nope.

Is your idea of a great vacation Daytona Beach, Florida? Uh.... I just got back from Daytona Beach Florida, because we went to see the Daytona 500. Guess I get bonus points for that huh?

Have you ever taken your sweetie to a monster truck rally for a date? I’ve never taken anyone but I agreed to go to more than a few of them when I was married to The Slug. Did he ever agree to go see Phantom of the Opera with me? Are you kidding?

Do you know people who have been on Jerry Springer? I very well could have been on Jerry Springer.

Are you prejudiced against anyone with a Yankee accent? Nope

Is your idea of great foreplay professional wrestling? Uh, no. But when I was married to C1 and working at a local drug store, a professional wrestler came into the store, and damned if I didn’t recognize him. NO I did not ask for his autograph (even though C1 begged and begged me to)

Does it take almost a half week’s pay to fill up your truck with gas? Not yet but with the price of gas going up....maybe

Do you light off fireworks any time you feel like celebrating? Oh hell yeah. I buy extra when they’re half price and save them for Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Did you learn to drive on a tractor? Nope

Have you ever been hunting? I went hunting with The Slug the first deer season we dated. I sat in snow for 2 hours and froze my ass off. Never saw a deer and never went back. We did process our own deer meat every year, and deer season was always second only to Christmas in our house. I Do NOT miss deer season at all.

Do you think truck stop restrooms are actually pretty clean? EW! NO!

Do you think Cherry Skoal is a romantic Valentine’s Day Gift? Never buy that stuff

Was the first theme park you ever visited Dollywood? Have never been but I know it’s in Pigeon Forge.

Do you think ‘The South will rise again”? Uh, not without medical intervention (inside joke)


Anonymous said...

Bah! HAHAHA! Girl, we have got to have lunch sometime! I was up in Jeff today. I should of thought ahead. BTW, we like to blow up our share of fireworks.

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

I'm only 10% redneck. According to the quiz, that makes me a yankee. I'm not so sure that not being a redneck automatically makes me a yankee, but whatever;>

Dixie said...

Girl, I took this one a while back and I'm 65% redneck!

It says I'm as welcome in town as a hair in a bisquit!

I'm sooo into a redneck party!

Anonymous said...

Well I'm only 45% redneck. But that is really yet to be determined.