Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thursday 13 (#11)

13 Reasons I love Spring

1. NO MORE SNOW! Read through the archives of this blog, read all about my hatred of Mother Nature this winter. I know, I once said "If it's going to snow, it better snow so damn deep nobody can get out. Baring that, then stay off the roads and the sidewalks." Little did I know someone was actually listening, and decided this year, it was snow asshole deep. That will teach me to open my mouth again.

2. Spring Showers. Rain. I love the smell of the earth after it rains. Everything is washed clean, and fresh, and the earth and grass and flowers smell so much more pungent.

3. The smell of freshly cut grass. Bring on the rain, so the grass will grow, grow, grow. Then people will have to mow, mow, mow (I live in an apartment yards, no grass to mow).

4. Spring Training. That means, soon, it will be Baseball season, and the Cardinals will be once again rocking Bush Stadium (and what's up making that place smoke free? It's an outdoor park!)

5. Sandals. I am tired of socks and shoes. Tired of boots and chunky heals. I want to wear my cute little strappy sandals.

6. Pedicures. With cute little strappy sandals, you have to have cute pedicures with bright colors. Nothing says spring like 'Carribean Experience' on your tootsies.

7. Capris. Gotta have some cute little capris to go with the pedi and the strappy sandals.

8. Daylight Savings Time. Yes, once my body has adjusted to the new schedule, I love it. Why? There's still daylight when I get the kids home, and that means we have time to go out and snap off some pictures. I've been away from my camera far too long.

9. Motocross. Scooter has his first race of the season this weekend. He hasn't been on his bike all winter and I know he's dying to get back on it and back on the track. Yes, this means weekends will be busy, but it's Scooter, and it's fun and important to him, so we go. And love it.

10. Warmer temperatures. That means, the winter coats are put away. The furnace is turned off (lower electric bill) and the windows are thrown wide open.

11. Countdowns. The kids are counting down how long they have left in school. Summer vacation is on the horizon. My countdown to moving.

12. Spring Flowers. I can't keep flowers alive to save my life. I never plant flowers, and god forbid you give me a potted plant, I'll kill it. I kill silk flowers. But seeing them out in other people's yard, just gives the place a friendly look, a fresh happy look. And I love the rebirth of the trees, the flowers, everything.

13. The kids can play outside. They have cabin fever. They are tired of their videos, and their games, and frankly, each other. I can send them outside to yell and scream and run off steam. And they sleep better at night. And it's quiet. Oh the blessed quiet.

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christine said...

Sounds like you are your family are finally getting a respite from the cold, wet weather. Ah, spring! Enjoy!

Selena Kitt said...

I hate sorting socks... can't wait until we're not wearing them for summer! :)


Vicky said...

Great list!

I love capris and sandals - as long as I don't have to wear shorts I'm all good and ready for spring and summer!:)

Happy TT!

Pen said...

Oh bring on the warm weather so I can bring out the capris and sandals! I love the smell of fresh grass even though I have to cut it!

Happy TTing!

L^2 said...

Great list. I'm not a big baseball fan, but I'd have to agree with you on everything else, especially sandals.
Happy TT. :-)

Dane Bramage said...

Today was the first day I came to work without a jacket or coat. Bring on the warm weater! My Thursday Thirteen #34 The 13 Things You Wish You Could Say At Work Edition is up. Stop by if you get a chance.

Lady G~ said...

Welcome to my side of the world. We only have to seasons here, Spring and Summer. Well, maybe a VERY itty bitty Fall.

I live in sandals. I recently discovered crocs. So when we hace a "chill" in the air, I wear my sock, crocs, jeans, t-shirt and a sweatshirt. Good to go.

Happy Spring!

crowwoman / rhian said...

My bones - they're starting to thaw!! i forgot about the pollen though while i was wishing for Spring all winter. But that's okay - i'll trade a few thousand sneezes for feel of warm sunshine on my face.

Swishy said...

I'm a sandal girl, too. And I just got a pedicure today! YAYYY spring!

Annie said...

I'm all about the capris and sandals! So thankful Spring is here!!

Happy TT!

Jen said...

What a great list! I love Spring too! I just got my first pedicure of the season the other day! =)

Damozel said...

Great list---and I especially like your banner and your resolution to get more humor out of the drama. I'm taking notes.