Thursday, March 1, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #7

13 Random thoughts going through my head this morning

Ugh, that 2nd margarita last night is really kicking my ass this morning. Oh god don’t make any sudden movements, and please, please don’t mention food.

Looks like the Blond Train Wreck that was Anna Nicole is going to make it into the ground before James Brown. How crazy is that?

I’ve got to work on that website more today, and my head hurts too much to think that hard.

I could have curled up next to Batman this morning, burrowed under the covers and slept a few more hours. Sounds like heaven.

Tonight when I get off work, it’s back to B’s house, but no margaritas for me tonight.

It was raining this morning, with tornado warnings and watches. Yeah, tell me again, why I like spring? Oh yeah, it wasn’t snow and ice.

My nephews make life so much fun and entertaining. This morning Duck is playing a game on the computer, wearing his yellow sunglasses, and Stealth has blueberry muffin smeared clear up to his nose. My sister says she thinks maybe they partied with Jose last night too.

Some of the drama that has been swirling around my life lately has settled down. I know there has not be a resolution, but there is a possibility for change. All I can do is wait this one out.

I have promised Daytona Pictures for a week, and I am determined to get some of them posted here today. Come hell or high water, hang over included. There will pictures here by the End of the day. I swear.

I loved stepping outside today and smelling rain on the warm air. I’m not entirely sure winter is behind us, but at least spring is trying to come around. Thank god.

Three months from today, I hope to be completely moved and getting settled into our new home, starting our new life. Sounds like so long, and yet, it’s not.

It’s Thursday, which means the weekend is coming. I haven’t spent a weekend at home in 3 weeks now, so being home this one will be kind of nice. I will actually get to watch the cable programs I’ve been paying for and had to fight for 2 and a half weeks to get. About damn time. Oh, and I have internet at home, so I can blog from there too. YAY.

Batman still hasn’t had time to look at my pc that died. I’m worried it’s the motherboard, and that’s going to take serious $$ to fix. Then I’m worried I’ll lose all my pictures and music that’s on my hard drive. That would totally suck.

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Anonymous said...

Push through that hangover honey. You can do it.

el-e-e said...

Cuervo is such a charmer.

Liked your list, and I love your blog title. It's rainy here today, too (GA).


Lady G~ said...

I've been craving a Margarita for quite some time now. But usually can only have one. I'm a light weight. LOL!

I like your layout.

Have a blessed Thursday!

Rashenbo said...

It usually takes the 3rd or 4th Margarita for me to feel it the next day! :) Sounds like you've been pretty busy. I hope you have a nice restful weekend!

Take care and thanks for visiting my blog.

busy91 said...

Wait, James Brown is not burried yet? Where have I been! Happy TT!

JAM said...

Hope you have a peaceful weekend. The Daytona pics are pretty cool, too.

If it's a motherboard problem, then you can have the hard drive removed and put into another computer to have access to your pics and music.

Good luck getting set up in the new home.

JennyMcB said...

The problem with margarita's is that the first tastes so good, the second tastes even better, but it's the third that will remind me all the next day.
Caught your list through my blogging, hope you feel better.

Turnbaby said...

Oh please take pity on my--your fellow JJ fan --and give me your flickr link cause it won't link up--arrrgggghhh

Nice blog by the way--it'ws perfectly safe to leave a comment on mine sugar--I only bite when it's fun

Marcia said...

One margarita is all I can handle. Can't wait to see your Daytona pictures.