Friday, March 9, 2007

Gloomy Gus and the dark, dank, dreadful day

I'm sorry I seem to be oh so pessimistic today. It should be a great day! Hello? It's Friday, and even though it's kinda rainy outside, it's not snowing and it's not cold. It's Friday, and I'm off to spend the weekend with Batman.

And there is the storm cloud on my sunny day. I love that man more than I can express, but damn he's been Mr. Gloom and Doom, and he just can't shake this funk.

OK, before you all start with the hate mail, I get that losing a pet can be traumatic and devastating, but until we know exactly what happened to her ( and we don't) let's not give up hope that she has found a new family who will love her until she can find her way back. Let's keep hoping for the positive, instead of already assuming the worst.

Fine, you want to be Gloomy Gus, go right ahead, and throw yourself that pity party you're dying to have. You have all damn day to wallow in it. But when I get there tonight, there will be no talk of doom, and gloom, there will be no tears, there will only be hope and good thoughts and prayers. (unless we find out the worst, then all bets are off).

I love you B, but damn, pick yourself up and find some hope here. There's plenty out there. Grab ya some.


Ash said...

That just for the record comment was damn good. damn good!

Sassy One said...

Love the comment!
Sometimes it's hard to be chipper when things are going blah!
Just remember there is always hope!

Have a great weekend!