Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Calgon take me away.....

Is there a short bus to reality? Is there any bus to reality? Uh, could someone please get Slug a ticket?

I often wonder what color the sky is in his world. And how horrible it must be to live in a place where everyone is out to get you and screw you over and keep you down. Yes, The Man is keeping The Slug down.

I'm trying really hard (don't laugh...I am) to find sympathy for him, but uh, yeah, I'm falling a bit short. Ok a lot.

All of my bloggity friends know that he's behind in his child support. (Now $1638) From reading my previous posts here and here, we all know that Slug and I had and agreement that he would pay me every Friday. If he missed 1 payment I would call CSE and garnish his wages. He did. I did. Now he's pissed. Because apparently I wasn't supposed to really hold up my end of the agreement.

See, it turns out that the paperwork got put through the week after he missed his first payment. HMMM. I wonder why? Oh, yeah, The Man is holding him down. The Man is out to get him. The Man is screwing him over. Yeah, couldn't be b/c he's screwing his daughters (who, let's review...mean the world to him) out of money that is rightfully theirs.

He's going to call CSE today and chew their asses for holding on to his money. (I guess he thinks they will release it and he'll get it?) Which is fine. I hope he does call them, and gets them to release that $$, I'll get it that much sooner. He's going to chew their asses because they are taking half his paycheck to cover his child support obligation. He had the gall to ask me "How am I supposed to live on half a paycheck?" Uh the same way you have expected me and your daughters to live without any child support.

If he doesn't get the answers he wants at CSE, he's going to the State to complain.

I seriously don't know what he expects to get or what he expects to happen. The man OWES us $1600+ in child support. CSE is going to make sure we get it. All the bitching in the world isn't going to get that money away from CSE and give it to him. He owes back child support in the amount of $1638 and next week it will go up to $2088.

My horoscope today is: This situation should come labeled with a big Handle with Care sticker. Unfortunately, things are rarely that obvious. It's up to you and your amazing sensitivity to sniff them out and defuse things.

Why is it always up to me?


That Chick Over There said...

Want I should smack him around? Sounds like he deserves it.

BeckyD said...

Thanks for the offer, but he would consider it foreplay, and having been there, done him... I wouldn't wish that kind of punishment on anyone.

JJ said...

Ah......the massive amount of suckage it is to always have to play the reasonable one. Even when I'm justified in being unreasonable, and others validate that very fact, I'm the one that will turn out, AGAIN, to be the reasonable one. I think those of us that are wired that way to be reasonable are just stuck with it for life. In the big picture, its the better way to be, and I'm good with that.