Monday, March 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Tate!

Happy Birthday Tate! Saturday was her 10th birthday. I missed out on it, because she was with her dad, but that just means we will celebrate tonight.

I went birthday shopping for her this weekend, with Batman. I got her this movie, and this cd. Batman got her this DVD.

I called her on her birthday, and of course, true to form, Slug wouldn't answer his phone. So I left a message. "I am just calling to talk to the Birthday girl and wish her a Happy Birthday. Please have her call me."

Of course, he didn't. 3 hours later, I called him back, and just as it was about to go to voice mail, he answered the phone. "Yeah, what?"
I so so so wanted to say "You know what, a$$hole" but I refrained. I asked again, "May I please talk to Tate?"

So he put her on the phone and we talked about the birthday party TFC threw for her, and all the presents she got. And then, it happened.

Dad Batman asked to wish her a Happy Birthday. She loves him, like a grandfather. She misses him more than she can put into words. I have a gazillion letters she has written to him in the three months Batman and I were not together. I am sure she was surprised and more than thrilled to talk to him. He even told her "I am hoping, and I'm pretty sure, we'll be seeing you around here again soon." (Which is what she wants) The problem was, Slug was standing right there hovering over her, so she had to remain unemotional and guarded.

Then Batman got on the phone and wished her a Happy Birthday. I didn't hear that convo, he went off to another room to talk to her.

And to top it off? Yup, Mom Batman got on the phone and wished Sweetie a Happy Birthday.

So, all in all, it was a good day. There was a lot of satisfaction in the entire Batman clan talking to her and wishing her a Happy Birthday. There was more satisfaction in knowing Slug was there, knew what was going on and was helpless to stop it, or he'd look like a jealous, insecure, controling a$$.


Dixie said...

Happy Birthday Tate!

Anonymous said...

Happy Big 10th Birthday!!!