Saturday, March 3, 2007

Just a few more thoughts for a Saturday night

Batman and Scooter went to the motocross today. Front row seats, and Scooter got to High-5 some of the racers riders today. (I need to learn to speak the language) Pretty amazing stuff. I got a txt msg from Batman that said it all.. COOL! Scooter's favorite rider won tonight, and since he will retire this year, it was really awesome for Scooter to see him win the last time he'll see him race. They got out of the dome fast enough and straight onto the highway, and are on their way home. Just waiting for the phone call to let me know they made it, then it's off to bed for me.

The Ultimate Blog Party continues. I have been around to close to 200 blogs in the past 2 days, and have met quite an array of people. I hope to have made many new friends by the end of this week long hoedown. When I checked in at Ultimate Blog Party Central, the blog party invitation list had grown to 550 blogger participating. When they said Ultimate, they weren't kidding. To guess it will be over 600 by tomorrow is not a stretch of the imagination, by any means. That is a lot of blogs to read this week. I'm going to be so bloated and exhausted.

Bo's group movie venture apparently went well. I got as much information out of him as one can expect from a 13 year old boy. (It was good). Now, did he mean the movie? Or just the overall experience? I'll probably never know for sure.

That just about does it for me tonight, Batman and Scooter should be calling soon to let me know they made it home. I'm calling it a night. I've got lots more parties to visit tomorrow, and a Busch series race to watch (yeah, I'm going to try and get interested in Busch series as well as Nextel cup....Zoom Zoom all weekend long)

Have a good night everyone!

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