Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Please explain to me.....

* Why my girls never hear anything I say to them until the 4th time I say it. Unless it has to do with shopping, or junk food. Then they hear better than bats with radar.

* How "Put your coat/clothes/shoes/stuff away" translates into "Throw all of your stuff on the floor of your bedroom".

*Then please explain how it is once that stuff hits their bedroom floor it instantly becomes invisible to the naked eye under the age of 15.

* How am I supposed to wash clothes that never make it from the bedroom floor to the laundry room.

* Please explain to me, slowly so that I understand exactly, how it is my fault when they have nothing to wear because nothing got washed, and how they can not be blamed for any of this.

* Why we have to have this same conversation every single week, and this week is no exception. And I know that none of it sunk in this time either, so go ahead and schedule this same meeting of the minds for next week. And the next week. and the week after that.

* Why am I still expected to pay for my son's lunches even though his father has sole custody of him and has cut my child support in half. How is it that he gets to make all decisions and have final say in everything Bo does, but I still have to pay for his lunches?

* Why am I always the "Bad" parent, because I never have the money to go out to eat, go to the movies, buy them the designer clothes, and name brand shoes everyone is wearing.

* Please explain to me how I am supposed to explain the realities of my life to my children, while not ripping the rose colored glasses from their naive faces when it comes to their waste of space fathers.


B.R.M said...

Oh, my friend, we are in the same boat-and both without a paddle.

Last night, I told my son 5 times to brush his teeth. The last time I said "I have told you 5 times to brush your teeth" His response? "I thought it was only 4 times."


Lunch money for your son? Okay since I live this, chances are he is getting money from both of you - ( I know this is a shocker, but they know how to work us) for whatever reason they really spend the money in middle and high school during the day. But hey we're moms, and something in the back of our heads has us programmed to worry about whether or not our kids are eating.

I asked my daughter to put a top she had on in the wash - she changed. Didn't put the dirty one in the wash - and the washing machine was running.

I give up. I really do.

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

Can't explain any of it to you, but I would suggest never doing their laundry again. My mom worked nights for my last couple years of high school and wasn't able to keep track of my laundry, and so I opened up the washing machine one day to read the instructions on how to wash my own clothes when I needed something to wear. If you simply don't do their laundry any more regardless of where they put it, then they might catch on eventually;>

Dixie said...

Yeah, I'd be asking the ex about why you are having to pay for the lunches!

Tell them designer clothes are over-rated! I grew up with out them and look how well I turned out. Ok, don't use me as an example! I'm a bad example. Never mind.

Starla said...

If it makes you feel any better, I go through some of these things with The Hubby. Hello, didn't we have this conversation/discussion/argument/debate over why a/b/c/d needs to get done/recognized/taken care of/etc...


And as for your ex... well, I wish I could ask my mom what she went through with my dad (they separated and divorced when I was young). I know she didn't have it easy either.

Anonymous said...

I'm with woo-woo. There is no such thing as too young to help. I stopped doing the Teenagers laundry all together. They have their own hamper. I do not lay a finger on their laundry. Period. I get the laundry room during the week; Monday through Friday. They get on weekends. Evenings are a "free wash time zone".

When the two little ladies disrobe, it goes right into the main hamper. I wash, fold, iron Hillbilly's, Queen's and Cooterella's laundry. They put it away. Works for us!