Friday, March 2, 2007

My Weekend ahead of me

Do you see Sunday's forecast? Yup, sunny, and not freeze-your-butt-off cold. Know what that means? Yup, I'll have Tate and Newt outside doing photo shoots. They got some kicky new leg warmers made by their cool Aunt, and I am dying to get pics of them.

Batman got me a couple of uber-awesome photo editing software programs and I'm dying to take pictures so I can use them. The problem is, my PC died, and well, it's at the hospital (Batman's house) waiting for the surgeon (Batman) to come in and perform a miracle. Until that happens, my uber-awesome software programs are MIA. *pouting*.

Batman is taking Scooter to the most awesome motorcross race this weekend. Scooter's racing season is just about to start and this is just the perfect start to that.

Tate's 10th birthday is next weekend. And I agreed that she could start shaving her legs when she turned 10. Guess what happens next weekend? God, am I ready for that? Does it matter if I'm not? It's here, and well... I did promise.

Bo is going out tomorrow night for the first time. Going to the movies, it's a whole group thing. At 13 he thinks he's god's gift to the girls at school. I think he should just chill out a while, but I'm mom, what do I know? There's a group of kids going to the movies, and the girl upstairs asked Bo to go with them. I just can't stop them from growing up, can I?

Not much else going on today, I've been partying my butt off, visiting all the other blogs participating in the Ultimate BLog Party. As of right now, there are 310 bloggers who have signed up. That's a lot of parties to get around to. So, I'm off to mingle.

Y'all mingle and laugh and carry on here, help yourself to whatever you want or need. If I dont have it, you don't need it. Or you'll have to go get it.

Enjoy yourselves!


Slackermommy said...

Looks like my weather. I'm in St. Louis. Thanks for stopping by my party!

Corinne said...

Nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by my place. I think I'm going to enjoy checking out your site, too. Have fun!

jewlsntexas said...

Thanks for inviting me to your little corner of the party! Also thanks for stopping by. Hope you're feeling better soon!
Our weather in TX is lovely - we just moved here from WV - and the early start to fall is good medicine!

Dixie said...

OMG?? 10?? Is that the age girls are starting to shave?? Really?? My mom made me wait till I was 14 years old.

Sparky Duck said...

eh, group things really arent dates anyway, just dont tell him that