Thursday, March 8, 2007

Ultimate Blog Party comes to an end

It has been a busy busy week here in Bloggeritaville. So many parties to attend, so many margaritas to drink, so many hang overs to avoid (have another drink...stay drunk). At the beginning of the blog party I was so gung-ho about visiting as many blogs as I could. But then I realized that I was tired and cranky and smelly from lack of sleep, food and showers. The kids were threatening mutiny too, so I had to get back to my real life.

But I did meet lots of new bloggers, who's blogs I will be going back to often. Let me introduce you to some of my new friends.

First and foremost is RaceMom. She's a WAHM, who is the same age I am, and BONUS she lives really close by. Her family is as into racing as Batman and I are. Her family races midgets, (those are cars, not the little people) and Scooter races motocross, but any race fan knows, speed is speed and it doesn't matter if it's cars, trucks, boats or bikes, racing is racing. I'm hoping Batman and I can get down to her neck of the woods this summer and catch a race with her and her family.

There is also The Queen of Dirty Laundry. I first went to her blog because the name sounds so much like my life, and anyone who claims to be the queen of dirty laundry has to have a wicked sense of humor. I go back to her blog, because she is so down to earth, and funny, and she writes a little like me.

Please meet Jenn who is desperately Trying to stay alive and keep her wits about her. This woman is nothing if not dedicated. She came home from a vacation in Puerto Rico with her honey to host this blog party for us. (well, not really just for this reason, but it sounded good). I loved the title of her blog, and go back to visit, because she just writes from her heart, from her day to day experience, and she keeps it real.

How could I not go to the blog titled It's just the coffee talking? She was ready to give up blogging at one point, and had actually walked away for 2 days when 2 major coffee companies contacted her and offered her coffee and $$ to try their product and blog about it. HELLO? Sign me up. Anyone who loves coffee as much as I do, is ok in my book.

Please go check out My Glamorous Life. Much like me she spent the first part of the blog party visiting lots of people, and by the end of the week had hit Blogger's Block, and had nothing to write about. Oh, how I can relate (have you seen the piss poor posts I've had in the past 2 days?) When all else a brain dump. She did, and came up with a great post. I did and found it empty. Hhmmm.

I love Cupcake over at A Universally Acknowledged Truth. Her blog posts about the mothers who are uh, difficult, was perfect, and it was just the hook that got me to come back again and again.

Becca wrote a hilariously agonizing post about her son's math homework. Anyone who can make light and laugh at math story problems, has to be cool. I love her blog. Go check her out.

For those of you who don't mind the occasional F-bomb (and I know who you are, you visit here often enough) go read Erica. Her newest post is all about how her wax lady got fired and it's all her fault. (and we're not talking waxing her legs here folks). Erica is just wild enough and just *umph* I'd love to hang with her.

Stephanie is a young single mom to a beautiful 6 month old angel. Being a single mom is not easy. Being single and that young, with so much of your life still ahead of you, takes courage and strength, and this girl has both in spades. (I hope she knows this, if not, I hope she figures it out).

Jamie apparently went to the store, and while she was gone, I went and checked out her blog. I love a woman who will admit that her favorite thing to do is read blogs. She admits to that dirty little secret and the very next blog post is all about her bathroom. Doesn't get much more real than that.

So those are just a few of the blogs I stalked visited during this week long blog party. I had fun doing this, and I met a lot of new bloggers, but damn people, I'm tired, I'm bloated, I'm stuffed and I'm hung over. I need to go recuperate.


Sparky Duck said...

great, you sorted thru all the blogs already, and since I like yours Ill just check these out!

Dixie said...

I'll be checking these out later today, while I'm supposed to be working!

Anonymous said...

Hey lady!!! Happy Friday!!! I posted some more photos of DH sprint car and DD sprint kart for my Wordless Wednesday. Thanks for the nod on your blog!!!

Lori said...

Thanks for the mention. I'm enjoying your blog, too!