Monday, March 5, 2007

My party may be a little too wild, but is sure is fun

The Blog Party continues! I just checked the invitation list, and the list of bloggers participating is 697. No wonder I'm exhausted.

Truth is, most of them are stay at home, home-schooling mom's who are married to their fabulous best friend. *sigh* I feel out of place because my life is around the corner, and on the wrong side of the tracks from where they live.

So, I'm sure when they show up here for the party, the head banging loud music, the adult beverages margaritas and beer, and the passed out bodies in the front yard, will undoubtedly offend most of them. Not mention I drop the occasional F-bomb around here. (Oops!)

So, while I'm sure there are a lot of really great mom's out there, and really, I applaud your ability to stay home with your kids, and home school them, I just can't relate. I have to work outside the home, I'm the only source of income my family has. I have to send my kids to public school, left to their own devices, they'd end up in jail. I'm glad to see some of the mom's have come by for a visit, but I completely understand if you don't stay long. I wonder if there wasn't a mass email sent out to everyone and prayer vigils being held today to pray for my soul's salvation from eternal damnation.

PS: M and I were talking today that maybe we should host our our blog party, for all the real party animals out there who have more than a little red in their necks. M said she wasn't sure too many people could sober up and stop blowing shit stuff up long enough to come to our party. But just think of the awesome blog posts we would have!!!!


cupcake said...

Amen, sister. I, too, work outside the home and, despite the fact that I work in education and plan to be a teacher, would NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVERRRRRR homeschool my children. I love them too much to subject them to my short temper.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I've enjoyed yours! Here's to a round of top shelf margaritas.

Katherine said...

HA, you crack me up. I like your style. Party on.

Sparky Duck said...

you think you are out of place at the blog party? Look at me!!!

Dixie said...

A redneck party? Now that is something I can get into! I love to get drunk and make an ass of myself. I do it often. I'm good at it. At least I'm good at something!

Anonymous said...

Hey if you do, I'll be there. There is even a quiz to see how red your neck really is.

Check it out! I only got 40% because I didn't have any relatives that have a double relation. ;)

Amanda said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am a stay at home mom but don't homeschool. Some people just aren't meant to teach! Besides I look forward the few hours a day I have one kids less around... am planning on putting the second in preschool a couple of days a week this year. To tell you the truth I miss being a working mom. A few hours of peace and quiet sound like heaven now!