Monday, March 12, 2007

I hate government at work

Where is the logic in the government agency who is set up to collect child support from dead beat dad's, is just as deadbeat as the dads?

Why the f@#k are we protecting his rights? HELLO! You're job is to get that money from him. When you do, you don't get to keep that shit!!! It's not your money! You are just as bad as he is. He's not paying his child support, so we'll take his money. BUT we won't give it to his children!!


He's so far behind and they are just perpetuating the whole situation allowing him to get further and further behind, and they have the GD money and won't let us have it!!!



Dixie said...

Bastards! WTF? I don't understand that!?!

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

See, we had the very OPPOSITE problem here. My husband got $50.00 behind on his support to his ex-wife just before we were supposed to get our tax refund of $700.00 (we always use our tax refund to pay our property taxes so we were REALLY counting on that refund). The guys at child support said "We'll have to deduct the $50.00 off your refund check to catch you up on your support, then send you the remaining $650.00." (which we were fine with).

They gave her the whole friggin' check. I had to call and call and call before someone FINALLY called me back and admitted they had made a "mistake" and issued the entire $700.00 to her and we'd simply have to take a "credit" on the child support for the next few weeks until it balanced out.

We ALMOST didn't get our property taxes paid that year because of their screw up.

Either way (taking too much money or not giving any at all), their inadequacies CAN INDEED drive you insane, can't they??? Grrrrr.