Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Did you see the forecast for this week? Didja? Totally rockin.

I went home last night and opened my windows, all of them. And left them open. All. Night. Long. They're still open. The furnace has been turned off, never to be turned on again (as long as I live there).

I watched The Cards play baseball this weekend. On TV. The sun was shining, the warm breeze was blowing and the Cardinals were playing on the tube. AAAHHHHH Spring.

Batman and I woke up Sunday morning, and went out on the balcony to watch the sunrise and give birth to a new day. And I knew I had come home again. I looked over the landscape I had stared out over this past summer, and felt everything settle and I knew all was right in my world.

It is spring time. A time for rebirth, new beginnings, fresh starts. I have less than 3 months left, before my move. I am starting to spend more time looking forward, towards my future, and less time looking back over my shoulder.

A new day has dawned. It's gonna be a great one.

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Dixie said...

Looking back never does anything but trip you up!

Lovin' this outlook you have!! It's contagious!