Friday, March 9, 2007

Riddle me this. Why do I bother?

I'm trying to put good karma out in the universe.

Newt is very excited about reading a whole book all by herself last night. I wanted her father to know up front so he could feign the proper amount of excitement and praise for her efforts. It's a big deal to her, and he needs time to practice his I-give-a-shit look. (sad really)

Tate's birthday is tomorrow. She waited until this morning to tell me she wanted to take goodies to school for her class. Well, hell, I can work miracles, but cookies/brownies, and goodie bags complete with stickers, and balloons and candy and pencils are just not flowing abundantly out of my back side at the moment. I just couldn't do it with a mere 15 minute warning. So, it was high drama today. Until I explained to her the glory of having a birthday that falls on a weekend. Besides the obvious (longer recover time) she can celebrate either Friday OR Monday. And now that I know this is a life or death situation, I can come up with some fantabulously awesome goodies by Monday and have them there before school starts.

I tried to explain this to The Slug too, how he has breezed by, once again, and had avoided having to participate in anything remotely birthday or parentally aligned. I would once again be handling all the birthday details for school, so he wouldn't have to strain himself (or spend a dime of his precious money) to do anything for her.

What did I get for my efforts?

Jack shit.


"Uh, why did you bother me with this shit?"


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