Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Dear Internet

As vast and as unending and chock full of information and meaningless drivel, I find it hard to believe you fail to keep me entertained while I am at work. Sadly, today that is so. What's a bored girl to do at work? Please don't even suggest the obvious, work. If I was doing that, I wouldn't be bothering you would I?

Thanks for nothing today. Maybe tomorrow will be better.



Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

See, I'm the kind of girl who can surf all day long if I get the chance.

My bad...I know...;)

BeckyD said...

Normally it's not a problem but lately there has been nothing to do at work, so I've been surfing a lot more than usual. I think I have finally reached the end

Anonymous said...

I think that is impossible. There is no end. You've just run out of things to look at. Go back try again.

Rainwolf said...

When there is nothing else, I go to Snopes and read the forums. There's usually something interesting going on over there.

crowwoman / rhian said...

nah - you just have to slip into a new area and start poking sticks at the natives. all kinds of interesting fun guaranteed. One of today's more intersting tidbits was the freaking pooperscooper barbie with a dog that actually takes a crap so she can clean it up. All that barbie goodness on author Kate's blog

it doesn't get much more fun than that. Grin!

Starla said...

I hate those days.

Seriously, the internet should be the last place where I get bored. I'm always deeply disappointed when I realize I have to work instead of screw around on the net.