Friday, March 9, 2007

The Grand Adventure Continues

No, that's not Lady, but it looks like Lady, or rather, she looks like that beauty there. And she's still missing.

The possibilities are endless. The collar could have gotten caught and come off and no one knows who she is. Someone could have seen her beside the high way and taken her home with them. Maybe she had a hot date and well, is nursing a hang over (but you would think she would have waited until after the day at the spa instead of leaving before the beauty treatment).

All I know is that Batman and Scooter have lost their baby, their best friend, and they just can't seem to climb out of the doom and gloom funk they are in.

Batman got up and left the house at 4:30 this morning and drove the LONG way to work, down the semi major highway by the groomer's looking for her. The bad news? He didn't find her. The good news? He didn't find her. There is still hope.

They don't want hope, they want Lady back. I hope she's having a grand adventure where ever she is, but damn bitch can't you call home and let everyone know you're ok?


JJ said...

My critters are my babies, and I know when I can't find one of the cats (Rudi is VERY good at hiding in bizarre places), I start panicking in a big way. Please tell Batman that I'm telling the lost animal god that they better lead him and Lady back to each other PRONTO!

Dixie said...

I hope they find her. Has he tried animal control??