Monday, March 5, 2007

If I had wings

If I had wings I would fly away from here. I would follow my heart, to Batman and his family. I'm no good here right now, today. I wouldn't be any better there. I can't do anything, but at least I could be there, with him, with them. And he wouldn't have to be alone.

Batman called me after I got to work today, and told me Father Batman was going to the hospital. Since he's fighting cancer, hospital is never a nice word. But it's a fact of life, for everything, major and minor. You just never know which it is.

Batman told me it was just an adverse reaction to the medication they have him on right now. His face is swollen. Batman was sketchy at best with details, but Mother Batman is always sketchy with details, so B didn't have much to work with.

Every minute that passes without a phone call is agonizing for me, but, it's also a bit of a relief. If it was life threatening, and serious, he would be on the phone screaming for me to be by his side. As it is, he's not calling me for that, so I wait, until we have a better, clearer picture of the situation. Still, waiting is hard, and not knowing is harder.

So, while my physical body and presence is here today, my heart and my mind, are gone. If I had wings I would fly to him, but as it is, my heart is with him, as always.

ETA: 1:45PM They are taking Father Batman home right now. At least we know what it is. But I don't have details other than that.


Pamela said...

Very nice to meet you BeckyD. I had an awful allergic reaction to some prescription meds 5 years ago. It made my muscles freeze so that I could not walk, alas it to 10 months for them to figure it out. The second I stopped taking the meds I could walk again. I will pray for your dear father. :)

Sparky Duck said...

well, thats not that bad, though your right cancer and hospital are a bad combo, at least shingles are just painful and not something worse