Sunday, March 4, 2007

My glamorous life, who wants to be just like me?

The Blog party continues. We are (at last count) 565 strong, but I'm sure it will be growing. I don't know how anyone who reads any blogs at all could miss out on this. There are banners flying everywhere.

So, I decided to check out how many new hits I had to my blog this morning, and while I was there I would find out who among my friends had come by too.

Yeah, turns out my past is still lurking in my life. ARGH

I know, this is a public blog, and it's posted on the Internet for the entire free world to see. That's fine. I could protect it, but then I would miss out on meeting so many new, cool and exciting people. I guess what bothers me the most is the fact that I have worked hard and been through all kinds of hell to get my life free from my past, and yet, they still lurk and stalk me, even here. Is there no part of my life that they can just leave alone?

They have now taken to searching for "Batman in St. Charles", so now, not only are they stalking me, they are stalking Batman. For no other reason than I fell in love with him. He's done nothing wrong, and he's certainly done nothing to them, and yet they just can't leave him alone.

They yell and scream and threaten me to leave them alone. They preach on and on about how they want nothing more than for me to get the hell out of their lives. FINE! I've done that. Believe me I don't give a rat's ass what you do with your life. But if you really want me out of your life, stay the f@#k out of mine. And that includes my cyber life too.

Why can't you all just go the hell away and let me live my life in peace? Why do you feel the need to stalk me on line and know every single freaking blasted move I make, every thought I have, every thing I say and do? You know for people who yell and scream about privacy, you sure have no problem invading mine.

Yes, I know there are solutions to this. I could require people to log into my blog (yeah, that sounds like fun) or I could stop blogging altogether but doing anything at all, means they have the power to censor and control and manipulate me and fuck them they don't deserve that power.

SO, Forces of Evil, I know you're out there, I know you have your spies working on stalking me too. I know you are lurking here, and don't have the balls it takes to step out of the shadows and own up to it. You're lurking in the dark corners, watching and stalking and obsessing. That's fine. I won't change a damn thing I say or do here. I will continue to call The Slug the Slug, b/c he is a worthless ass who thinks that not paying his child support hurts me. That just means his children (who he claims mean the world to him) go without things they both need and want. And every month he drags his feet and doesn't pay is another month behind he will get and well, he'll have to pay it eventually. Some way, some how. I will continue to call the heifer he's living with TFC because that is exactly what she is. I will continue to believe his twin brother is a sick twisted pedophile because well, he's been convicted of such crimes, against his own step daughter.

I will continue to write about my glamorous life and all it's glory. And you all can continue to stalk and obsess over my blog, b/c well, I understand. I truly am that amazing and wonderful and who the hell wouldn't want to be just like me?


Dixie said...

Just won't leave you alone, hu? Bastards.

JJ said...

Just keep talking about how happy you are and rubbing their face in it. Their need to be obsessed with your life doesn't need to affect you.

Luisa Perkins said...

Hey, Becky, hang in there. My dad never paid his child support, either, and it made life pretty much a nightmare for his kids and my mom. You're not alone; the Bloggin' Moms are with you!

Anonymous said...

That's what I like. I woman that shoots from the hip, and takes no prisoners. Have you thought about sickin' Child Support Enforcement on him? I did with my ex. He was hiding out in Siapan and I had his tax return frozen. ;)


Oh, The Joys said...

Wait. Who is stalking you and WHY?

I'll bring my awesome tnumchuck skillz...

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

I think wage garnishment is in need for the child support from slug. Thank goodness that payroll deduction clause was put into my divorce agreement...otherwise, who knows if or when I'd receive my child support payments.

BeckyD said...

Thank you for the support guys. Child Support Enforcement is already involved and well, he's using their policy as a shield, as they give him 60 days to respond and send in his first payment, so he'll wait the full 60. Even though that means falling 2 months further behind.

He's such a stand up guy. Really.