Thursday, December 7, 2006

2nd Annual Blog Cookie Exchange

Ok, guys!  I found this link today on Maven’s blog, and thought I would join in as well, and invite all my friends to join me!  Sounds like a great way to meet new people and share some holiday joy and traditions.

It is the 2nd Annual Blog Cookie Exchange Posting Day!  This is better than a cookie exchange IRL because a) you don’t have to actually bake any cookies (No calories!) and b) you don’t have to clean your house, or make a baking mess, c) you can do it all in your pj’s if you want to.  Nobody’s gonna care!  

So, on December 13th, (yes, next Friday) post your
Favorite holiday recipes
Special Holiday Traditions
Favorite gift to give
What you wear when you don your gay apparel.
Or anything else you’d like to share about your holidays.

Once you post your contribution to the Cookie Exchange, go here and leave a comment with your URL, and everyone will come to your party as well.  What a great way to meet a whole bunch of new people, share some holiday traditions, stories, memories, laughs, and just have a great time.  You won’t gain any weight, you won’t need a designated driver, and you don’t have to dress for the occasion.

Hope you all will join me!  (Now, I just have to make sure I remember to do this!)

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It's Me, Maven... said...

Girlie girl... it's this coming Wednesday, not Friday...!