Thursday, December 7, 2006

A Letter to The Slug

I gave you 10 years of my life, 2 daughters and more second chances than any one person deserves.  I gave up my friends, I gave up my self worth, my self esteem, I gave away my power to you.  None of it mattered. It was never enough.  In return, you gave me insecurities, demons that still haunt me, and a life that is too messy for anyone else to get involved with.

You have taken from me, my happiness, my sense of security, you have effected life in ways too numerous to count.  You have taken my one chance of happiness and true love away from me.  Because you felt the need to prove to me and to him, that you could still call the shot, you could still make me jump, and you still controlled me, we are here today.

You made my life miserable for so long, that I no longer realized you were doing it.  I became so accustomed to your power and control and influence in my life, I no longer saw how devastating it was. When Batman finally pointed it out to me, and I finally saw my life, and your power, through his eyes, I knew things had to change.

Batman, (or anyone for that matter) wouldn’t, no, couldn’t be a part of my life with you still influencing it too.  You caused too much drama and stress and it was more than anyone should have to contend with.  

You’re need to always be right and always be in control, in effect destroyed my chance at happiness and cost me the love of my life. I am praying to whoever is out there listening to day, that when you sign the papers today, and in effect give me the life I should have been granted 2 years ago, you will also be giving me another chance to make things right with Batman.

Now that this issue is resolved, and we’ve reached the agreement and outcome I wanted, and you have agreed to bow out of my life, now, I can go to him and offer him a life free of drama, and free of stress and free of you.  

I have found a way to untangle myself and my children from the tentacles you had buried deep in my life.  I have finally claimed my entire life as my own.  After today, you will no longer have any power in my life or our daughters’ lives.  Finally.  I will be free.

And I will wait patiently for Batman to see that, and together I hope that we can find a way back to each other, and I pray we get a second chance at the love and happiness I know we were meant to have.

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yellowdog granny said...

sugar, you need to flush that peice of shit....right down the toilet..wash your hands..and never look back...hating someone is like taking poison and hoping that person will die from it...shake it off...get loose...have a good life..getting even is living a great life and letting him see you do so...good luck..