Thursday, December 21, 2006

Don't mind me

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Don't mind me, I'll be over here in the corner, hiding my head, wishing I could crawl into a hole somewhere and disappear.

Things are fine. He took the day off yesterday (His birthday, go figure) and well, he called me when I got off work. To be honest, things are not perfect, but they are not as bad as my imagination dreamed up. God sometimes I hate my overthinking mind.

Thank you Tennessee Becky for offering support and encouragement via emails. Thanks MS for doing everything in your power to pull my head out of my ass when I was hell bent on keeping it stuck squarely up there. You were right, and I was being stupid, insecure and psycho. Thank you for allowing me to drive you insane, and therefore not push or bombard him. I promise I will back off today, and give you a drama free day.

Now, I'm going to take my embarassed self off somewhere and hide until my temporary insanity is forgotten. (I wonder what Britney's been up to lately, surely she's done something much more embarassing than me. Yup, proof is in the picture!)


Anonymous said...

Ok well. I don't pay attention to Britney so you're not going to be forgotten for your silliness yesterday. Patience. Patience. Patience!

ajooja said...

Britney's wearing panties this week, but she's still flashing her vajayjay. :)

It'll be OK.

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

Well, I've heard she's going to be part of Paris Hilton's bridal party when she gets married. That whole thing is just all kinds of silliness;>

Keep up those good spirits up!