Monday, December 18, 2006

5 Pounds, 5 Pounds, My Man back for 5 Pounds

I had a real, official date last night. Even according to him, it was a real, official date. He took me out to dinner. He took the kids home early b/c Princess was sick and wanted Mommy. He called me and asked if I wanted to come down. Well, he made me an offer I just couldn’t refuse.

When I got there, he took me out to dinner, at this wonderful little place that is a converted church. We were talking about a wedding of some friends that will take place next summer. I told him, “I would still love to do the bridal shoot for A, even though you and I aren’t dating and I probably won’t make the wedding.”
“Well, you know, this constitutes a date. And I’m pretty sure, you’ll make C and A’s wedding this summer.”


Lying in bed last night, we started talking about my weight. I think it had something to do with the fact that I barely ate anything at dinner. He told me, “You know, you really do need to start eating more. I’d like to see you gain about 5 pounds. At least.”
You and I both know 115 isn't a healthy weight for you.
Ok, but what happens if I don't?
I'll cut you off.
You'll end up cutting yourself off too, so that's not going to work.
I could make you wait another 3 weeks....
You'll wait 3 weeks with me. So what do I get if I gain 5 pounds?
H*** P**** (edited)
I get that now, at 115.
OK, more h*** p****.
How much more?
I'll make it all worth your while....
Uh, huh, worth my while?
Gain 5 pounds and I'll make it worth your while.....
Like long term worth my while?
I'll make it worth your while.

Ok, while I don’t know exactly what ‘worth your while’ means, but I have my suspicions. I know that gaining the extra 5 pounds should be for myself, and not for him, but anyone who knows me, really knows me, knows, I won’t gain the 5 pounds on my own.

5 pounds, 5 pounds, the love of my life, for 5 pounds. Bring on the cookies!

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