Friday, December 22, 2006

5 pounds...Now 7..Do I hear 10?

Ok, Sunday, B told me he would like to see me put on some weight, like 5 pounds. Truth of the matter is, he would really like to see 10 on me, but was diplomatic enough to split the difference with me and agree to 5. (smart man he is).

Of course, you would think that would be easy enough to do, especially this time of year, with all the cookies, candy, goodies and treats being brought into the office Every. Single. Day. This. Week. And of course, all of them being set in the empty office right across the hall from me, well, I have easy access All. Day. Long.

So, I stepped on the scale today, and well, came to the realization that the 5 pounds B would like to see on me, should now in reality be 7. Somehow, I have managed to lose 2 pounds this week. Lost them. Gone. Poof.

This is not going the way it's supposed to go.

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