Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas tonight with my little brother

Tonight will be Christmas with my family. Looking forward to seeing my brother and SIL tonight. That's always a good time. There will be side splitting laughter tonight, laughing so hard I can't catch my breath and tears rolling down my face. God I love him.

I got him the perfect Christmas/Birthday present this year too. I searched high and low for something for him. He's BIG into NASCAR, but I am always afraid I will buy him something he already has, so I shy away from that. Besides the only thing I could get him that he doesn't already have would be tickets to the Daytona 500, and thoses bad boys are MINE!

So this year, I found him the perfect present. One I know he will love, one I know he will use, and one I know he will enjoy. Yup, I bought the boy some beer! I got him a 20-pack of Bud Select. (uh, does that make us rednecks? Or Poor White trash? Gawd, I hope not!)

When I shared this little tidbit of info with Lil Sis, I got this response : LMAO. Nice. I got him a very interesting book on Guitars. But I'm not sure he reads. I mean, I know he CAN read, but I'm not sure he does. Eh well, if not, it'll make a nice coaster for the beer.

See what I'm saying about laughing my ass off? I can't wait.

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