Thursday, December 14, 2006

An apology of sorts

To all my readers out there who have been unable to leave comments on my blog since I have switched over to Blooger Beta, please let me take a moment to say

I am truly sorry.

I didn't realize that making the switch would cause so many people difficulties and problems. I was beginning to wonder why the love had stopped, because I was getting fewer and fewer comments. I realize now that I still have visitors, I just have a stupid blog format that won't allow them to share the love.

How was I to know that making a switch that was more user friendly for me (b/c I use gmail as my email address) would be such a pain in the ass for all my friends? I know it sounds selfish, and for that I am sorry. The decision to switch truly wasn't a selfish one.

I hope blogger gets this mess fixed soon! I miss my peeps!


Anonymous said...

Ok. So apparently EVERYONE is having problems leaving comments.

Junebugg said...

Blogger gets shitty once in a while, but they usually fix it. I'm sure you know we all luv ya baby!