Saturday, December 9, 2006

More Christmas Miracles

When I went to the lawyer's office the other day to draw up the final papers for our modification, I was hit with some serious filing fees that needed to be paid. I had the money to pay them, but I had to rob Santa to do it. A sizable portion of the $$ I had set aside to provide Christmas for my kids, well, went to the lawyer. So, I was struggling with how to pay for Ho Ho's visit this year. I mean after all you can't tell a 7 year old that you had to steal from Santa in order to take her father out of her life. That just really ruins the whole holiday.

So, I had been stressing about it, a little, but not too much. I figured, so far everything has worked out for me, this would too. Even if it meant I would get the money on Christmas Eve and I would do my shopping then, at least it would be done.

Today, we went to my mother's to make Christmas cookies (yes, pictures will follow....tomorrow) and my father called. He needed to talk to the kids about what they wanted for Christmas this year, as he and his wife were on their way to go shopping. But he stopped to ask me first, "So, we were wondering, is there something special you would like for Christmas this year, or would you just like for us to send you some money to help pay for the kids Christmas presents this year? And would you like that in a check or on a gift card?" All I could do was cry. There it was, the answer to my prayers, the solution to my problem.

And there, my friends, is yet another miracle for me this year. Apparently, the faith the size of a mustard seed is still enough to move mountains. I, of course, jumped on the gift card so that I could shop for my babies, and there will be presents under the tree this year for them.

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