Thursday, December 28, 2006

My predicament

The Christmas tree is coming down this weekend if not sooner. My question is this: Do I take the decorations off, take the lights off, take the tree apart, and put everything away in their respective boxes? OR do I take the decorations off, and chuck the tree lights and all and buy all new stuff next year?

Oh, don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with the tree, it's in great shape, probably only 3 years old, if that. Lights are great too. I just don't want to mess with it. Hell, I'd pay someone to come in and take the damn thing down (down, as in apart or down, as in down the hill to the dumpster) whatever it takes to make it go away.

Christmas has been here, now it's gone. I'm not sure I ever really got into the Christmas spirit this year. I tiptoed around it, I teetered on the edge, but I never really got excited about it. And the thought of celebrating, yeah, just didn't thrill me. And OMG forget the shopping. ARG!

I'm just ready to get on with life, get on with stuff. Leave Christmas in the dust. I'm tired of looking back, I've got too much to look forward to right now......


LadyBug said...

I'm having the same problem! Do I spend all the time taking down the blasted thing or do I just put it on the curb?? Just go out and buy a new one while they are on sale.

Chickie said...

I loathe dealing with the mess of taking down a tree. Maybe I will decorate the coffee table next year instead.

B.R.M said...

You take everything down, pack it away, don't throw it away. You may be broke next year-then you will be in a mess obsessing about how you will buy the tree, the lights, etc. If you do buy one next year, then you can pass the old stuff on to Goodwill or similar organization-to help a family who may need one.

(I want a new tree for next year - but was afraid to get rid of ours, however, if I did get rid of it, then I would have to buy a new one)

I just realized I didn't offer clear advice. Go figure.