Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Deep breath,

I had the following conversation with Batman this afternoon.

B: you there
beckyhd35: Hi, yeah, I am. what's up?
B: have some bad news
beckyhd35: ok, spill
B: I have a friends dad that is dying and wants me to be there thursday and friday
B: they just put him in ICU today and he isn't going to make the night

beckyhd35: ok
beckyhd35: so you won't be here tomorrow night
B: I will not I hope you understand. I was requested by the family to be there so what are you going to do
beckyhd35: I do. It's fine. Now, you're not just bailing b/c you don't want to do this right?
B: nope, I wil be at the hosiptal or my friends house thursday and friday
beckyhd35: next week?
B: yea next week
B: I just found out about this early today just been so damn busy with just me here haven't had the time to tell you until now
beckyhd35: It's ok...

So, our 'date' got cancelled, well, postponed. For a week. I just keep telling myself, deep breaths, he said he'd see me next week. He just told me he'd call tonight, so, it's just being put off a week. Deep breaths. Don't freak out, don't jump to conclusions. Accept this with grace, and don't push...and maybe the pay off will be so much better than I could hope.

Deep breath...deep breath.

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