Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I got part of my Christmas

Batman and I have been exchanging emails this afternoon, talking about when we can get together, and who has kids when, and schedules (yes, I know, terribly romantic, but hey, we're both single parents, we have to juggle).

I mentioned to him, "It's a fairly sure bet I won't be getting the earrings I wanted from you for Christmas this year, huh?" (Notice, I said this year? That leaves it open to the possibility I'll get them next year. Yeah, right) So, I have something I would like from you, that won't kill you, won't break the bank and it would mean so much to me.

This past summer, we took a photography road trip. I had this need to shoot some pictures, and asked him to take me somewhere so that I could. On the road trip, he shared with me the perfect place he wanted to take me someday to shoot pictures. We never made it there. Cold weather, kids, life got in the way. So I told him, "You promised me that you would take me to St. Charles some day, so that I could take pictures. I still want to have that day with you, just wandering around, taking pictures, hanging out. I know it will have to wait till spring, and that's ok, I can wait. But I want that day with you, and I want those pictures, but I want them with you."
"Deal, I promise."
"Oh, and if you felt the need to throw in dinner, and maybe a whole night filled with some incredible.." (Well, you get the idea, I won't get graphic or gross), "then who am I to say no to that?"
"You may need to twist my arm, but I think we can arrange that."

So, I'm not getting my earrings this year for Christmas, but I am getting something that will mean a whole lot more to me. I am getting a day with him, full of memories, a day to share my passion with him (a passion that he fully understands). I'm getting pictures, a day, memories, time. I'm getting my heart and soul fed. I'm getting B. (at least for a little while)

I can't wait till Spring.

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