Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Recap

Christmas has come and gone at my house. The girls came home Christmas Eve afternoon, sick, very sick. But thank God for Motrin, and antibiotics, they are back among the land of the living.

With them being sick, I truly expected them to sleep at least until the butt crack of noon. My brother and sister and I were always up early Christmas morning. I mean, the clock struck 6:00 AM, we're knocking on the parents' bedroom door. My kids, who don't get excited about Christmas, don't get up early. I still do, even now. In years past, I've had to wake them up at 8:00 because I couldn't wait any longer for them to get up and open presents. So, imagine my surprise when this year, the girls were up and ready to open presents at 6:30, even though they felt and looked like death warmed over.

It was a good Christmas, even though it was small. Christmas with my dad on Friday night, brought the girls new clothes, new shoes, new boots (which the love). Bo got legos, and a RC Hummer H3. I got an awesome Kasey Kahne Sweatshirt (that I picked out myself...) and we all got our usual gifts from him, new journals, and Uno Attack. Tonight he's taking us out to dinner, before he and his wife leave town, to go have Christmas with more family.

I got a new coffee mug from Newt, and really cool green ink pen from Tate. And wreaths made out of melted hard candy.

Batman spent the weekend, sick, running a fever. Even though he talked about coming up to spend some time with us this weekend, he just couldn't muster it. He was too sick, and with the girls being sick too, he opted to stay home. He did call, several times every day this weekend, and I know that soon, we will find time to get together.

Friday night we will have Christmas again, this time with my mother, sister, brother and families. Then we will be done with Christmas, gifts, wrapping, buying, exchanging.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

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