Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas Tagged

I've been tagged by Junebugg at Wasted Days, Wasted Nights.

The Rules:The player of this game starts with "3 things he/she would love to get for Christmas" and also has to list "3 things he/she definitely does not want to get for Christmas". Then he/she tags 5 friends and list their names. The ones who get tagged need to write on their blogs about their Christmas wishes, as well as state this rule clearly, then tag 5 more victims. And the one who tags need to leave a comment that says "you've been Christmas tagged!" in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

Three things I would love to get for Christmas.

1. This is a no brainer. I want my second chance with Batman. I want to try again, I want him back. I love him, I know he loves me. I want a second chance so we can do it right this time.

2. Anything to do with my cameras or photography. I would love a backdrop or two, or even a new lens or two for my Nikon.

3. For my friends and family alike to find happiness, for their wishes and dreams to come true.

Three things I don't want for Christmas.

1. To find there is no chance that Batman and I will ever get our second chance.

2. For the modifications that the fathers and I have agreed upon to fall through and not be granted by the courts.

3. The Flu that seems to be going around.

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B.R.M said...

Okay my friend, I have responded to Christmas Tag - though probably not in the way planned, but hey I am catching up. Tomorrow I may actually like bake something.

Merry Christmas,


Tennessee Becky