Saturday, December 2, 2006

The Winter Storm

The Winter Storm they were predicting Thursday night, hit with a vengeance. It started with sleet, ice and freezing rain, and around 9:00 turned to snow.  And it snowed, and snowed, and snowed.

I woke up at 2:45 Friday morning, and was greeted with thunder and lightening while it snowed.  The only other time I have seen that phenomenon was in ’82, and I woke up to 3 feet of ‘flurries’ on my front porch.  We had snow banks that were over 10 feet tall, and had snow on the ground for 3 months.  Kid you not.

The kids woke up to 14” of fresh fallen snow on the ground.  I woke to hear that I-70 and Hwy 63 were closed. CLOSED.  MoDot had pulled their trucks off the roads and hadn’t cleared anything.  It was snowing too fast (2-3 inches per hour in what they call Thunder Snow) and it was drifting too much they couldn’t keep up or get ahead.  By 5:30AM they were getting back out on the roads.  

I have 12-14 inches on our parking lot, and while my road has been cleared, I can’t get to it.  And it’s COLD.  Temperature right now is 16 degrees with a wind chill of 2.  So, while we finally have a snowfall worthy of playing in, it’s too cold to send the kids out in it.

I am stuck at home today, without internet access and that sucks.  I will venture out tonight or tomorrow and find internet access to check emails and post this to the blog.

I have taken pictures of the new fallen snow, and will get some later of the girls outside in it.   The girls and I are going to sit down and play a game of Monopoly right now, for something better to do.

Snowed in, with the only access to the outside world being television (No cable) radio and my cell phone.  It could be worse…we could be without power too.  At least we have each other. And Monopoly.

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