Saturday, December 2, 2006

Christmas Miracles

First of all, let me say, the winter storm hit with a vengence. My children finally have a snowfall worthy of playing it. It is too damn bitter cold to play outside, but we have a real snowfall!

I was able to get out yesterday afternoon, but travel was trecherous at best, so we did just the necessities, and went home. Getting out was easy (it's downhill) getting back into our parking lot proved impossible. So we parked on the street and hoofed it up the hill. (and yes Syd, I did make it out today, and I am sitting at McD's again, posting this, catching up on emails, visiting blogs, and just keeping my sanity)

The girls had to stay with me last night, even though it was their night to be with their father. His county road was snow covered and he couldn't get out. He didn't put up a fuss, he was nice, polite even.

So, I figured while I had him on the phone, (and he was being so accomodating and nice) I would ask him about switching 1 night of Christmas holiday schedule so that kids could have Christmas with my father. He readily agreed, without an arguement, with out a cross word, without calling me any names, and without making any demands.

So, today, he called to let me know he could get out, could he come by and pick up the girls. Normally I wouldn't let him near my apartment, but since my vehicle was 'plowed in' (they plowed the snow up around it, and I couldn't get out...yet again) I had no real choice.

He came by to get the girls, he told me, not only where he is employed now, he also told me that as long as I don't garnish his wages, he will start paying me at least $100 every Friday. I agreed to not garnish his wages as long as he continued to pay me. If he misses a week, he will leave me with no choice but to go after his paycheck. Then he asked me about this motion to modify. He said "I understand you want to move closer to St Louis, and I understand why. If you agree to not take the girls completely away from me, then I won't stand in your way. If you will allow me to still see them every other weekend, and if you promise to wait until after school is out, I won't stand in your way."

I was stunned. Shocked. I cried. Everything I've wanted, the fight I was gearing up to fight to get my life back, to have a new life, a fresh start, was being offered to me, without the fight. It's virturally over, before it even starts. We will, of course, have to sit down and have the legal papers drawn up and have a judge sign off on them. But for now, the fight that I thought was going to drag on for 8 months or more, and was going to involve a lawyer for the girls and a psychologist, is now, virtually over.

I am still in shock, so this post really does not do this news any justice. I still can't seem to wrap my head around it. I promise, as soon as I can, I will process this, and write more about it. But for now, this dragon, while hasn't been slain, at least has been tamed, and is no longer a threat to me. It's no longer an issue.

It is the Christmas season, and I now believe in Christmas miracles.


Anonymous said...

Sounds promising with the ex, hope it all works all. It would be so wonderful for you and the kids. Maybe that's going to be Fates Christmas present to you

Sang, I'm lusting after snow cream. Make some and post about it so I can at least hear about the cool sweet goodness of it even if I can't taste it

B.R.M said...

I am very excited for you!