Sunday, December 3, 2006

Snow Ice Cream

Junebugg, who is a new friend here, has the common sense to live somewhere far away from this Winter Wonder Land I happen to live in. (And by wonder land, I mean, we wonder will we ever get out? And why did we think we really wanted snow?) So, she has made the request twice now, that she be allowed to live vicariously through me. So, Junebugg, because you asked, and because my girls have never had the pleasure, I made snow ice cream for them, and for you. (We have more than enough snow….I should send you some!)

So, since we haven’t had a significant snow since I first moved out of my parent’s home, I have never made snow ice cream, so I first had to find the recipe. (That was a challenge) and then, I had to say a prayer to the kitchen gods, Please let me and the neighbors upstairs have all the ingredients between us so that I don’t have to try and get out to a store and back home again. Turns out the recipe was the bigger challenge.

2 cups milk
2 eggs
1 ½ cup sugar
½ tsp. salt
3 tsp. vanilla
Snow till thick

Beat it all together and add snow until you can’t stir any more.

So, I found a couple of 1 gallon ice cream buckets, give 1 to each of the girls with a large plastic spoon, bundled them up, and sent them outside to fill the buckets with CLEAN fresh, white snow. Snow with no tracks in it, snow from the top…don’t go digging deep for snow, remember, what you put in your bucket, you have to eat. So before you put it in the bucket, ask yourself, would I put this in my mouth? If the answer is NO, don’t put it in the bucket. (yes, I realize I was probably going to have more snow than I needed, but it got them both out from under my feet and gave them an excuse to go outside again)

I got the other stuff together, and started mixing it. Where the hell are they? It’s just snow. Stick my head outside, they’re arguing ‘That’s my snow! Don’t step there, that’s what I was going to put in my bucket.! You’re stepping in my snow!” jumpingelmoeatingcheesecake, Girls! Just get some snow, and let’s go!

Two very cold, snow covered girls come traipsing into my kitchen, (apparently there was some pushing and shoving and falling in the snow on their excursion) dropping snow, hats, gloves, coats, boots and stripping off wet jeans and soggy socks as they go. (at this point Baskin Robbins would have been less hassle, but I’m doing this for the girls and for Junebugg…so I continue).

I of course immediately realize my mistake in thinking I could only make 1 batch of snow ice cream. Tate and Newt both want to make their own, after all they had worked so hard on getting their own snow. I get out a second bowl, and divide the milk/egg/sugar mixture and pray it’s even and tell them, go at it girls, add snow to this until you can’t stir any more. Then let me know, I’ll add some more for you.
Oh, I know it sounds like fun, and it sounds like quite the adventure, and believe me it was an adventure. I had snow everywhere. On the table, the counters, the floor, I was stepping puddles of melted snow, slipping and sliding on the wet linoleum, tripping over the coats, hats, gloves, boots and jeans left all over my kitchen floor.

But in the end, we had 2 glorious bowls of wonderful vanilla snow ice cream. It was fun to watch the girls add the snow and mix it all together, and add more snow, compare it to each others and become ‘experts’ on snow ice cream. “Oh Newt, I think you need to add more snow to yours. It’s still melty.” “Uh, Tate, take care of your own snow ice cream, I’ll make my own. Hey Mom! Is this good enough?” “Hey Mom can we add chocolate syrup to this?”

We got it mixed up to their own specifications, and I just gave them a spoon and let them eat it out of their own bowls. They made it, it should be all theirs. Baskin Robbins it ain’t, and I’m not a huge fan of home made ice cream (snow or no snow) but this wasn’t half bad, because it will be something my girls will remember all of their lives. Their first real significant snowfall, and their first snow ice cream. It was cold, it was wonderful, it was creamy, and it was sweet. Made all the sweeter by the memories we will have of this day for a long time to come.

Junebugg… I saved a bowl just for you!

Tune in next weekend when we put up the tree, and make Christmas cookies at Grandma’s with Lil Sis, Duck and Stealth.


Anonymous said...

OOOOOOOHHHHHHH! Thank you! I don't think I've ever had anyone make virtual (like in the game playing type lingo)snow cream for me. I just know it was good. Hug the kids for me and tell them I appredciate them lugging in all that snow just for me!

Anonymous said...

If people are afraid of the raw egss, they can be left out. Also, canned evaporated milk makes it richer tasting. And if you forget the recipe, just put the canned milk in a bowl, sweeten it real sweet (as the snow weakens it some) add a couple of capfuls of vanilla, mix, then add snow.

yellowdog granny said...

junebugg sent mama used to make it when we lived in oklahoma.. she just used canned milk, vanilla and it taste wonderful..