Saturday, December 30, 2006

Ramdom purgings from my head today

Christmas last night with my family was a lot of fun. The beer was a huge success and got a great laugh from my brother. It was good to get to spend time with him, but as always, it was too short, and too fast and never enough.

Wide awake this morning at 4:30 (Batman alarm time) and at 5:00 I gave up the fight, and got out of bed. Made coffee, and looked at the pictures taken last night. By 6:00 Newt had joined me and since I had help, I jumped on the energy that had been bubbling under the surface, and down came the tree. Decorations off, lights off, all put away in boxes, and the tree taken down, and put in the box to be used again next year. Yes, it would have been easier to haul it to the curb, but it was raining and chilly this morning, so, into the box it went.

The holidays are over at my house, with the exception of finding places for the new goodies. With the kids gone this whole next week, I will have plenty of time to clean their rooms and sort the stuff out and find places for everything.

I have this urge, need, whatever you want to call it, to clean everything. Purge all of the old, unnecessary garbage and baggage from my life, and start the new year, lighter, happier, cleaner, fresher, freer from my past. I have freed myself from the forces of evil, now it's time to free myself from the reminders of love not found. Time to stop holding on to things that didn't work, that fell apart, that really didn't exist in the first place. When I step into my new life, I want to do it, as just me. Not me and parts of the Knuckleheads, or bits of Boo, or reminders of Mr. Wonderful. My new life will be me and my girls. I pray Batman will be there waiting.

I saw on the news last night that Saddam Hussein was hanged and is dead. To me it was really anticlimatic. Is there really a sense of justice for us? Maybe there is for the people of Iraq (I truly hope so) but does his death effect us in any way? I mean, we had already stripped him of his power, he was harmless (as long as he remained imprisoned). I know that he did some terrible things, and was horrible beyond belief, and the things he did to the people of his country were unthinkable. But does his death effect us in any way? I just find it hard to get worked up about it.

Not much to post today, I have too much energy and a too pressing need to get back to the house and work my way through the junk of my life. Time to free myself from all that has been holding me back, time to claim my entire life as my own.

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