Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Post Holiday blahs, back at work, bored.

My Christmas vacation is over, back at work today. Except that very few people are here, and well, it's quiet and there's nothing to do. I just keep telling myself, cha-ching, I'm getting paid for this, so shut up and surf the web, post to your blog, read a book, and enjoy.

There have been several emails from my friend MS about our Christmas weekend. There has been utter silence from everyone else, so far. Eh, it's the day after Christmas, who in their right mind wouldn't be out there cashing in on all the great steals to be found today? If I didn't have the girls this morning, and if they hadn't been so sick this weekend, we would have hit one store this morning to see what treasures could be found.

Frankly, with the exception of the celebration at my mother's house this Friday, I am glad that Christmas is over. I will take my tree down this weekend, and put all the stuff away. I've just barely teetered on the edge of Christmas spirit this year, either from lack of money, excess of drama, or the uncertainty of where things stand in my life. I did what I could for the kids, and they didn't seem to notice or mind, or complain. But I remember Christmases of my childhood, and there was always more goodies under the tree than my children seem to have.

I know that Christmas isn't all about the presents under the tree, it's about love, and family. My dad and his wife hit the nail on the head this year, with Uno Attack. We have played a bagillion rounds of this game, and the kids never get tired of it. It saved our sanity yesterday, when there was nothing to watch on TV, and there was nothing else to do, we got out Uno and could kill an hour easily.

I'm bored at work today, and lonely too. I miss catching up with all my friends, but I know that in the days to come that will happen. Almost done with this holiday season, and then we'll start a new year. The new year, will bring me a new life, a new home, a new place to live. Much to look forward to.

I just wish I could get rid of the post holiday blahs....

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