Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Cookie Day!!!!

Every year, my mother, my sister and I and all of our kids get together to have a Cookie day. We spend as much of the day as we can possibly stand making as many different kinds of Christmas cookies as possible. This is the day the rules get thrown out the window. Want a cookie for breakfast? Fine, have 2. Whatever the kids want, they get. They help make the cookies, measuring, mixing, shaping, decorating, tasting the dough, watching the timer, staying out of the way. We not only make cookies, we make memories they will treasure.

Got all the tools of the trade out on the counter, waiting to measure, to stir, to shape, to bake, to decorate, and to start all over again.

Messes will be the norm, make a batch of cookies, make a mess, bake the cookies, clean up the mess, and start all over again, on the next batch of cookies.

Sugar, flour, eggs, butter, peanut butter, walnuts, chocolate chips, Snickers™ candy bars, everything we need to make enough cookies to make even Santa sick.

The Chefs:

Take the time to teach Bo how to read a recipe, how to measure flour, sugar. Spend time making cookies, and memories.

With every spoon of flour added, is also a dash, a pinch a sprinkle of love.

Apparently there was just enough ‘love’ added to that dough to make the three of them work together to shape the cookies.
Chocolate Crinkles

Chocolate chip/toffee cookies

Lined up like soldiers, marching off to be baked.

Sugar cookies, decorated with holiday sprinkles, waiting to bring smiles to the little ones waiting for mom to say “Cookies are done!”

At the end of the day, we have more cookies than we can possibly eat, but it's the holidays. The mom's are exhausted, the kids are bouncing on sugar highs. The messes are cleaned up, the dishes all washed, the flour, the sugar, the eggs and butter all put away. There will be a wide assortment of cookies for days to come. There will be memories to last a lifetime.


yellowdoggranny said...

holy crap..i just went into a sugar coma....they all look sooo good...
my yankee girlfriend and all of her demented friends make cookies every chirstmas..but it's nothing like your lovely bunch of cookie makers..they start out the cookie making with plenty of booze..and a couple of ozs. of reefer...cookies are usually burnt and taste like crap..but we have such a good time..

Platypus said...

I came over from Susie's place. Your cookies look wonderful, what a lovely idea! Loved the post. :0)

Anonymous said...

I was here this morning, but beta.blogger wouldn't let me comment! The cookies still look delish, and the day looks like fun! Thanks for the invitation :)


Effie said...

Mmmmmm, chocolate crinkles! Yet another of the really yummy cookies one HAS to have at Christmas time! I came to snatch a few cookies and run! It's past my bedtime! Thanks for the party!!

(came here via Susie!)

Junebugg said...

They look wonderful, I think I gained 5 pounds lust looking at the pics. Sorry I haven't been visiting much, I'm fighting a head cold and still working 7 12's. I promise to be a better blogboddy just as soon as I get some ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZs and maybe get to where I can actually breathe