Friday, December 15, 2006

Christmas Specials

How many of these can you name?

  1. "Roast Beast is a feast I can't stand in the least"
  2. "Nobody wants a CHARLIE in the Box"
  3. "Happy Birthday!"
  4. "I am a bank robber! I have come to rob your bank!"
  5. "That's TWO! TWO worried Frogs!"
  6. "It came without packages, boxes or bags."
  7. "Don't forget the chocolate pot roast with smishmashio... With smiminish... With yogurt."
  8. "It's not a bad little tree. All it needs is a little love!"
  9. "Fog's as thick as peanut butter!"
  10. "Santa doesn't leave presents under the bodhi tree!"--"Do you think we can bribe her back with Christmas?"-- "You can save more souls with roller skates and Easy Bake Ovens than you can with this 2000 page sleeping pill!"
  11. "We evil magicians have to make a living too!"
  12. "I heard there is no Christmas. In the silly Middle East. No trees, no snow, no Santa Claus. They have different religious beliefs..."
  13. "Me I want a Hula Hoop!"
  14. "Every Christmas it's all the same! I always end up playing a shepherd."
  15. "Haven't I ever told you anything about Bumbles? BUMBLES Bounce!"
  16. "Christmas. It's not the getting. It's not giving. It's the loving. There. I said it. Now get outta here!"

I have the answers, so don't worry, but this really isn't that hard....

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