Tuesday, February 20, 2007

5 pounds? No problem. Eating our way to Florida and back

Batman promised to make it worth my while to gain 5 pounds, and I did. (and he did, Oh god did he ever, but more on that in a minute) Even if I hadn't, this weekend I'm sure I did.

I love Batman, don't get me wrong. But that man does not believe in grabbing a quick burger, anywhere, unless there's just no other way!

We ate this trip, and ate, and ate.

Thursday was Waffle house, Hooters, and McDonalds (at 9:30PM we were tired)

Friday was Waffle House again, Pizza Hut, and T.G.I. Friday's

Saturday was IHOP, local Mexican joint (they had Margaritas 2 for $4!) and then Outback (still in search of the Perfect Margarita. I know where they are...B makes them)

Sunday (race day) was Bob Evans, Burger King, and Denny's for dinner. (That man LOVES his breakfast food and can eat eggs, bacon and pancakes 3 times a day)

Monday found us at Cracker Barrel, Hooters, and we skipped dinner because it was already late by the time we stopped for the night.

Today, we ate at Miss Scarlett's (local restarant, great food) and we were home by lunch.

Finally, I got to the point I had to tell him, I'm sorry, I've reached my food quota for the week. I can't eat any more. I just couldn't eat another bite. Between all those meals, was driving, and coffee, and energy drinks. I'm glad to be home, I don't have to eat three squares any more. I can take a break, and skip breakfast if I want to!

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