Tuesday, February 6, 2007

My Love-Hate relationship with Mother Nature

It's coming. I can feel it. The first signs are already starting to be felt. I knew it couldn't be far off. I think I'm coming down with spring fever.

Today they were calling for a high of 38 (compared to 18 is a regular heat wave) but according to the local weather place, it made it as high as 60.

I'm ready to throw open some windows and let the stale winter air out and bring in the cool fresh spring air. Blow the stink out as my mother would say.

So, uh, don't mind me, I think I'm going to grab a chair and head outside and soak up some of this It-ain't-snowing-or-blowing-or-freezing-my-ass-off weather today. (I like this Mother Nature)


Dixie said...

Shhhhh! Don't jinx it!

Jen said...

OMG......I love you, but you SUCK!!!!!!!!! We made it up to a whopping 2 degrees today, and we had snow. Usually the "perk" of getting super cold weather is that its sunny with no snow. So much for that. This is the time of year, the ONLY time of year, where the weather is better in MO than in MN.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Should I even mention it's supposed to get up to 73ยบ here today???

Okay, then I won't....;)